Webcast: Faster and More Secure SugarCRM Hosting

How to Increase the Speed and Security of Your SugarCRM System

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Epicom has built its hosting platform to offer SugarCRM users a faster and more secure CRM experience. In this webcast we will walk through the fundamental features of our hosting platform that make it more secure and faster than other SugarCRM hosted solutions on the market. We will demo the speed differences between Epicom’s hosting platform and Sugar OnDemand and discuss the extensive security measures we take with our standard, HIPAA, AND PCI compliant packages.

When: June 5th @ 10 AM (CST)
Duration: 1 hour

The Session will Cover:
  • Results of Epicom’s hosting performance tests  vs. Sugar OnDemand
  • HIPAA and PCI compliant options
  • Four method back up policies
  • The advantages of Easy Solutions’ multi-factor authentication solution

Epicom also partners with Easy Solutions to provide an added layer of security for its hosted customers. Easy Solutions’ DetectID® Cloud is a strong multi-factor authentication solution that strengthens the way users are authenticated into SugarCRM to prevent theft of sensitive customer information or unauthorized use of the application. During the webcast we will discuss this feature and how it can help ensure your data is secure.

For more information on Epicom’s Hosting platform, CLICK HERE.

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