Webcast: Phone System, SMS, & Telephony Integrations with SugarCRM

Webcast: Phone System, SMS, & Telephony Integrations with SugarCRM

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Expand the functionality of your SugarCRM system by integrating telephony features and solutions. By using Twilio, a cloud communications platform used for voice, conference, and SMS text messaging applications, Epicom has developed several integrated apps for SugarCRM.

In this webcast, Epicom’s Engineering Manager, Eric Wikman, will DEMO and walk through some of the telephony integrations we’ve built for our clients, as well as the apps we use internally at Epicom.Some of the Twilio integrations we will discuss and demo are:

  • Screen Pops: A Sugar record pops up when a call comes in from a related number.
  • Unique Phone Number Tracking: Calls from specific ad campaigns are tracked and the call log is automatically created.
  • SMS Text Messaging in Sugar: Send and receive text messages from inside Sugar.
  • Conference Bridging: Verify callers and grant them access to the conference using CRM data.
  • Text to Speach: Create automated voice messages within Sugar for inbound callers.

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