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Epicom has partnered with ActivePrime to provide new and existing customers with an advanced search, dedupe, and data cleansing tool for SugarCRM systems. The video and PDF available on the right have additional information on the products mentioned below. If you are interested in pricing or learning more, email

Find what you’re looking for — ActivePrime Search for CRM

Use ActivePrime Search™ to improve finding records in the CRM. Most CRM systems perform only basic searches. ActivePrime Search uses applied Artificial Intelligence to find difficult spellings and even finds international nicknames.

It easily identifies nicknames, common name variations, misspellings, spaces, phonetic variations, international characters, and searches within a field, allowing for a more intuitive and efficient search of your Accounts, Contacts, and Leads.

Each search result will have a match score indicating how close of a match it is to your original search term.

ActivePrime Search can be enabled directly in SugarCRM.

Catch duplicates instantly — CleanEnter

CleanEnter™ instantly checks for duplicates before a new record is created in your CRM. CleanEnter works with Accounts, Contacts, Leads and upon Lead Conversion. CleanEnter is embedded in SugarCRM.

Dedupe CRM data — CleanCRM

CleanCRM™ Hosted consolidates duplicate customer records in SugarCRM.

Too many duplicates can hinder use of the system, as well as cause inaccurate reporting. Get more out of your CRM system with less effort than you spend today – simply by optimizing your data.

ActivePrime CleanCRM gives data stewards a one-button operation to identify and categorize duplicates for easy resolution. It’s quick, simple, and embedded right in your SugarCRM system. Save money, time, and resources today.

Epicom also recommends CleanCRM™ to new SugarCRM users who are migrating off of an old CRM system.

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