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Epicom partners with EasySolutions to provide an added layer of security for its hosted customers. Easy Solutions’ DetectID® Cloud for SugarCRM is a strong multi-factor authentication solution designed for integration with SugarCRM that protects your clients’ sensitive data in the cloud.

With its streamlined installation, smooth administration and state-of-the-art protection, DetectID® Cloud strengthens the way users are authenticated into SugarCRM, to prevent theft of sensitive customer information or unauthorized use of the application.


  • Strong multi-factor authentication specifically designed for SugarCRM
  • Eliminates risk associated with end-user password reuse
  • Multiple authentication factors to flexibly meet your security needs
  • Compatible with any computer and operating system
  • Entire solution managed and maintained by Easy Solutions
  • No extra hardware or infrastructure
  • Smooth Integration with your business and security environment

Management from Inside SugarCRM

DetectID Cloud is available as a module within SugarCRM, and was specifically created to be completely and seamlessly incorporated into it. Through the SugarCRM portal, organizations can supervise the users and machines that will utilize DetectID Cloud and obtain all of the documentation for its implementation and use.

Streamlined Implementation

The DetectID Cloud module has been designed and developed for smooth integration with your business and security environment. It can be uploaded and installed in your SugarCRM console in minutes, allowing you to start protecting your users and see results immediately.

Device Authentication for Any Computer

The proprietary system for authenticating devices works on any kind of computer and can run on Mac OS, Windows and Linux. The scheme recognizes the computer trying to access a protected application through DetectID Cloud, capturing a device fingerprint that includes hardware-specific data unique to the user’s machine.

Gain Visibility into SugarCRM User Behavior

DetectID Cloud gives organizations vast new sources of information that can be used to monitor any possible mischief in their critical web applications. By tracking users and their devices, you can get valuable insight into how information travels within the system and easily trace data breaches.

No Additional Hardware

Since it is run entirely in the cloud, implementing DetectID Cloud does not require any extra hardware or physical infrastructure. This gives businesses of all sizes affordable access to strong authentication technology to protect their users and sensitive data as well as the financial benefits that come with moving to the cloud.

Multiple Authentication Factors

To further strengthen device authentication, DetectID Cloud also uses dynamically generated Out-of-Band e-mail OTP (One Time Password) authentication, adding an extra layer of security so that only genuine users have access to critical information in SugarCRM, even on an authorized device.

Easy Solutions is offered as an add on with Epicom’s standard SugarCRM hosting, and is included in the HIPAA and PCI compliant packages. For more information email info@epicom.com.

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