Epicom Portal

Epicom’s portal for SugarCRM enables companies to give access to certain data and modules in SugarCRM without the need for a Sugar license. Portals can be used for customer support, contract employees, vendors, and partner relationship management and is a very cost effective way to distribute critical CRM data to a wide variety of people. Epicom’s portal has a responsive, mobile friendly design so that your portal users can access CRM data from anywhere and on any device.

Epicom’s portal includes:

  • Three Sugar modules of your choice (note: some modules are restricted as part of the base portal. Ex: Quotes)
  • Registration process for portal users to register, login, and look up forgotten passwords or usernames
  • Full text search on list views within each module in the portal
  • Ability to view records from modules in the portal that are related to the portal user
  • Ability to create and edit records from modules in the portal that are related to the portal user
  • Profile page for the portal user to update contact info and change their password
  • Ability to customize the page title text in the upper left navigation bar
  • Admins can choose the email address they wish to have portal notifications sent from

Customers can purchase add ons to further customize the portal for their company. Common add ons include:

  • Establish roles for portal users in order hide certain fields or make them read only
  • Define different types of portal users
  • Shopping cart
  • Payment processing integration
  • Add more than three modules
  • Custom layouts
  • Custom colors and company branding
  • Custom dashboards
  • Create a portal form and push form submissions into any module or multiple modules in Sugar
  • Export a PDF, CSV, or Print from list view in the portal
  • Add related fields to portal records (These are greyed out by default in the base portal)

If you’d like to see a demo of our portal, email info@epicom.com or click below and complete the form to request more information.


Price: Starts at $7,000. Contact sales for requirements gathering and a detailed quote.